The Final Post

Well, this semester has gone by in a flash as usual. Therefore, here is my final post.

Week’s suggested prompt: “Describe your favorite method of procrastination”.

My favorite way is being laid flat-out on the couch, cold drink sitting at the coffee table in front of me (usually iced tea or water) while watching whatever program is suiting my fancy at 7 pm: which is Jeopardy unless there is a game on, where I then flip back and forth in between.

Yeah, I’m an avid Jeopardy viewer. Sue me. It’s a huge goal for me to get on the show before Alex Trebek retires (which, sadly, is not too far away, so time is running out).

Signing out for the last time. Its been a heck of a semester.

The Social Media Influence “Family Tree”

For my tree, I decided to go with the account from one of my favorite YouTube channels, Pittsburgh Dad.  The show features the title character who lives and breathes Pittsburgh culture, especially when it comes to his thick Pittsburghese accent and his passion for the Steelers, Pirates, and Penguins, and is constantly annoyed by his family (mostly his children).

Since the character (and as a result, the show’s Facebook account) is so passionate about his sports teams, I found it fitting to place all 3 teams as being his primary influences.  In turn, the Pirates’, Penguins’, and Steelers’ social media accounts are influenced by pages of their respected leagues (NFL, NHL, and MLB), sports media outlets (ESPN, NHL on NBCSN, Sports Illustrated), players’ unions (NHLPA and NFLPA), and of their players (Antonio Brown).

Interactive Narrative

For my interactive narrative project, I teamed up with Alecia where we put together a text-based exploration game using Inklewriter.  The game, “The Room” (Oh, hi Mark), is an escape game where the user must navigate through the prompted options in order to find the key to escape.

NOTE: You must create and login to an Inklewriter account in order to play the game (Sorry, this is not ‘Nam, this is Inklewriter; there are rules).

As for my weekly blog post, today I am feeling quite exhausted from staying up due to homework and watching the black and gold take home not one, but BOTH victories last night.

I have mixed feelings about the cable cam usage.  While it is a fresh idea with an angle that may be quite familiar with Madden players, it was generally seen as “weird” by everyone else.  Yes, it may be better after one gets used to it, but I still think that there are some kinks that need to be worked out.  For me, I felt the camera felt further away from the action as the play progressed; perhaps quicker zooming may be able to alleviate this issue.  But hey, that’s just me.

Still hoping Haley either gets put back up in the press box, or canned (preferably the latter).

Mixtapes N’at

This week’s Kleon prompt that I did was to “Make a mixtape for someone who doesn’t know you.”  By that, my assumption was to make one that I feel best describes who I am.

Me, I overall consider myself a fan of mostly rock but I’ve added some rap to the mix over the past recent years.  My mixtape consists of a variety from Metallica, to Weird Al, to Kendrick, to The Clarks.  Though my tastes have not, and will never EVER include COUNTRY (or at least, the bullshit that today’s society calls “country”; Johnny Cash would be pissed). Sorry [not] sorry to anyone whose feelings were crushed with that previous sentence.

And yes, I still listen to Weird Al. Sue me.

Now, how could I turn this into an interactive narrative?  What I would do is create a playlist (Spotify comes to mind here) on my website where one can click on a song to not only hear it, but to also read a brief paragraph as to why.

For example, for “We Dem Boyz” by Wiz Khalifa, I chose that because of it’s connection to a fantasy of mine; playing for the Buccos.  If – by any weird miracle or happenstance that has slimmer odds than me becoming President – I were to become a Buc, that would be my walk-up song as it would help me send the message that I’m from the area (like Wiz) and also the song just has that “walk-upable” feel to it.


Project and Prompt


Now, onto this week’s prompt: What do you do in private that could be done in public? Why don’t you?”

The one activity that pops into my mind is listening to music.  So why not in public?

Music to me is an expression of both my personality and moods.  Being mostly an introvert, I naturally have anxiety about expressing myself to others.  If I am in private, I can be free to express myself (I believe that expressing oneself physically could very well be considered a necessary human function) without any worry or judgement.  As I have plenty of music guilty pleasures (Weird Al is probably my biggest one), I have very good reason for my anxiety!